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Yarn Along: alpacas, Berets and France study


Forget diamonds and pearls, my man takes me to an Alpaca festival for my birthday (smile)  and buys me lovely wool to add to the stash.  

Joining in the Yarn Along to show what's on the Reading and Knitting front.
Alpaca that stole my heart at the Alpaca Festival. He is so dorky cute that I wanted to  smooch his face.  

This one was silly and full of personality!

These are some of the Alpaca that the wool (pics below) came from

hubs and daughter look on

Willow girl was having a blast!

this sweet lady, the owner, was giving me a spinning demonstration.  Since I now own sheep, and I dye wool, don't you agree the next step would be spinning? I agree!  :)

we broke out the Gnome Hats that I knitted last year for the boys

The pattern was loosely followed but it turned out just perfect for my perfect boys (giggle)

I double stranded to make it go quicker and to be warmer

Willow the hat thief

Cai and Willow

We are studying France in our Geography studies (Expedition Earth link here) and I need to knit a beret (for me!) using that sweet Alpaca wool that hubs bought for my birthday from the Alpaca festival.  I figured I would use for France Study Day and then wear it all winter long.  It's a slouchy hat and I loved the pattern.  I stayed up late one night, very late, and I was distracted by a million things and don't you know?  I missed a few repeats and that darn thing didn't "slouch" on me!  It really slouched on Willow Psalm though and so she was a happy recipient.  Poop!  I need to start another one for me.  That wasn't in the plan but the wool is soooo soft that I don't think I'll mind passing my fingers through it for another evening or 2.  Paying attention this time, for sure. :) I also made another hat with it for a dear friend that is expecting her baby girl soon.  OH!  I double stranded with the wool that I dyed (Easter Eggs is the name of it and it is a Merino Fingering weight yarn)
Sweet girl modeling it for me

I love the way the back looks

I love the  slouch, too!

baby boy wanted to model it. he did a fine job.

ready for the France study! We met up with some friends for the co-op and even though Scottie Dogs aren't exactly French (ish) but close enough to go with our study (note shirt)

a friend crocheted the white beret for Cai Ocean and I had the gray beret here from a friend that forgot to take it home, oh, about 5 years ago...voila!  Berets for the whole crew!

silly sweethearts!

the front

the back

the side

a friend gave this to me in a bag of hand me downs and I love it and wanted to share its cuteness.  It looks like a berry!
I finished the Longies for Willow (read that post here) from the Man Of Constant Sorrow (link here).  I have named them Woodland Longies.  They are warm and thick and just right for our walk in the woods (every day the past 2 weeks) Post coming soon.

the newborn hat using Alpaca and "Easter Eggs" dyed Merino for my friend's new baby (soon!)

the newborn and the too small-for-me slouch beret
turned out so pretty.  I'm really tickled

Jeffery Deaver XO is GREAT.  It has a ton of twists and turns and I found myself zooming through it .  Typical Crime Murder mystery and sort of light but I enjoyed it.  A lot.
The 2nd book is for the boy's book club this month and it is just plain ole awesome!!!  "Leave it to Pet!" volume one. (LINK HERE) I totally recommend this selection for kids ages from 5-13 probably. My boys laugh like someone tickled them and beg for more chapters.  One of my sons is not really into reading just yet but he begs to "read us" just one more chapter.  So awesome!  It is a bit different, as it is printed from back to front, right to left, to keep the Japanese artwork in tact.  That was different, hard to get used to for only a chapter, and very interesting. Highly recommended!


I just wanted to share this shot. My oldest son took it of a dear Praying Mantis that was visiting us and making my middle boys laugh with delight.  This picture is so awesome and makes me smile.  We hatched cocoons (LINK HERE)  in the Spring and we are wondering if this is one of them.

Can't wait to see what you all are reading and yarning.  To read what others are doing, go to Ginny's Yarn Along and be inspired!

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